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Marty Landman MLandman at
Sun Nov 9 16:00:46 PST 2003

At 05:29 PM 11/9/2003, Luke Kearney wrote:

>OK I think I see the problem. Your winblows machines are on a different
>network to the FBSD machine. Change FBSD to and all should
>be just fine.

Very cool Luke; this worked and my FBSD box now can ping my Windoz boxes 
and vice versa.

>There is no route to host for the other machines because
>as far as FBSD is concerned the other machines should be on a different

So that third node on the IP addr represents what, the switch? IOW you're 
saying since all the other boxes on the LAN are 192.168.0.nnn the FBSD box 
needed to be as well? I probably should've noticed the inconsistency myself 
and realized that might not be the right thing.

> > >in your rc.conf
> > >
> > >firewall_enable="yes"
>the above was a typo on my part. should have been enable="no".

Heh, glad you reminded me. I'd been doing

#ipfw disable firewall

after rebooting to get around the permission denied thing. :) Funny the 
stuff beginners do. I also have now been able to read and write to the same 
floppy on both a windoz box and the fbsd box so at least have some small 
semblance of communications going.

>Nevertheless I think once you re-ip you will be pinging away quite nicely.

Thanks again. Now, could you give me an idea of the next step, i.e. how do 
I go about setting up shares, or if this is the easiest I'd be quite happy 
just being able to telnet into the fbsd box. I now get "connection refused" 
when trying to telnet into fbsd from a windoz box but of course that's 
probably to be expected cuz I don't know what preparation is needed on the 
fbsd box.

Just to give an overview of my network, three of my four windoz boxes all 
run vnc (fm. ATT England) at startup allowing me to do the equivalent sort 
of running vncviewer into them from my fourth box.

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