vulnerability in su?

Derrick Ryalls ryallsd at
Sat Nov 8 22:47:46 PST 2003

> while recently cvsup'ing my box here at home, i had a weird 
> thing happen...
> i had already built world, built and installed the kernel, 
> installed world (including all 
> appropriate reboots), and when i brought it back up, but 
> prior to running mergemaster, i 
> popped the jumper on the circuit the box is on.  my ups is 
> somewhat wimpy, and only lasts 
> a couple minutes (the fuse trips all the time too.. stupid 
> apartment wiring can't handle 
> 2 computers and the washer and dryer at once =P ) so i made 
> it a priority to go ahead and 
> shut the box down.  after fixing said jumper and bring the 
> box back up i noticed that i 
> could now su like a madman, without ever being prompted for 
> passwords.  i then remembered 
> that i hadn't run mergemaster yet, so i ran it again and 
> rebooted for safe measure and su 
> started asking for passwords again.

I think the only time this happens is if the root password is blank.  It
is possible that one of your mergemaster runs put in the default root
password (blank).

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