yet another ``USB mouse and FreeBSD 5.1'' thread

Brian Reichholf brian at
Sat Nov 8 16:05:54 PST 2003

this is slowly starting to get annoying...
i've got a logitech wheel mouse connected to my pc, installed freebsd 
5.1-RELEASE and had a few problems with the usb mouse at first, but 
don't recall changing anything when it finally worked on the usb port.

now i just disconnected everything from my pc, took it into another 
room, connected everything, booted, usb mouse _doesn't_ work.

so far google hasn't produced any helpful information either :(

settings in rc.conf
[ .. blah ... unimportant stuff ... ]
# -- sysinstall generated deltas -- # Wed Oct 15 20:58:22 2003
[ .. blah ... unimportant stuff ... ]

settings in /boot/loader.conf

connected to the PS/2 Port it does work (and no, i _know_ that it's not 
due to XF86Config, as i didn't change that either)
and of course the device is in the kernel.

is it perhaps just a matter of `pluging, unpluging, pluging, unpluging'' 
until it works?

help would greatly be appreciated.

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