Problems creating a new release

Daniela dgw at
Sat Nov 8 15:36:14 PST 2003

Hi list!

I'm currently trying to create a Knoppix-like desktop system from 4.9 sources, 
with almost no sourcecode change.
I made a new directory where I create the new system in, then I built the 
world and some of my favorite ports into this directory. For all this, I 
modified a shellscript I often use for installation, so it adds -DNOSTATIC to 
every make commandline to save space, and sets DESTDIR correctly. I'm having a 
few problems with some ports, and some questions about the changes I have to 

I'll mount /var, /tmp, /etc and /root as memory disks. For /tmp, /var and 
/root I guess I need to create the devices with vnconfig, and just mount them 
from /etc/fstab, right? For /etc, I'll modify init to mount the memory disk 
over the original /etc, create the config files based on the user's hardware 
and maybe even load saved configuration from a floppy.
Would this work, or is it nonsense? And where can I insert my procedures to 
create the config files? (I only have basic C knowledge)

Next problem: Some ports are badly behaved. For example, the /usr/X11R6 
directory doesn't exist at all in the new system, although I built some X11 
ports. Lots of them failed during the build.
I have one program (not in the ports) with a Loki installer that doesn't want 
to install when locked into the new directory. It says: ELF binary type "0" 
not known.


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