buildworld error

Jason jason at
Sat Nov 8 12:11:44 PST 2003

    Last night I updated all my source files to buildworld, but ran into 
a problem.  I tried to build it 3 times, and each time it stops at the 
same spot.  If I retype the last commands show letter for letter they 
work.  It stops at something like $gzip -cn >  If 
I immediately enter this command after the error it does not work, but 
above it is a 3 line command for makeinfo.  If I renter this command 
then the gzip works.  If this just some small glitch in some config file 
that has already been fixed?  If it has not been fixed, or no one knows, 
what file show I look into to correct this myself?  I am running 5.1 
with my cvs tag set to current.  The error occurs about 38 minutes into 
the build, so I would  be glad to try suggestions but I don't want to 
waste a day on this.

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