Resolving IRQ conflicts with 4.8

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The problem you describe is becoming common in the 4.x versions of
I have seen these solutions voiced previously in this list.

1. Check the PC's bios, look for a toggle to disable plug-n-play

2. Check that your PCI cards are not in the first or last PCI
slot on the motherboard.

3 add   option   PCI_ENABLE_IO_MODES
to your kernel source and recompile. See LINT

4. add   device  puc
         option  PUC_FASTINTR
to your kernel source and recompile. See LINT

5. Follow bug fix using this url

6. check /var/boot/dmesg.boot file to see if your pci cards are
as unknown. See FBSD FAQ for instructions on how to fix.

Try one of the above one at a time until your problem goes away.

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If this post is considered off-topic, forgive me. Perhaps someone
might be
willing to work with me off-list?

I have 3 PCI devices using IRQ 9!
The modem, nic and built-in sound card.
I've physically removed the modem, because it was being detected
before the
nic, and I had no ability to network.

In BIOS, I have PnP OS set to "No".
There is a setting to allow resources to be controlled manually, but
defaults to "Legacy ISA device".
Since I have no ISA devices, this won't work.

I noticed from output of dmesg, that it does some probing for PnP

Probing for PnP devices on ppbus0:
ppbus0: <Hewlett-Packard HP LaserJet 1100.1.0> PRINTER MLC,PCL,PJL

What, if anything can I do so that I can have my nic, modem, and
sound card
detected during boot?

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