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* Per Nilsson <admin at> [20031107 16:57]: wrote:
> Hi..
> My name is Per, and I have had a problem with getting my soundcard work i
> FreeBSD. I have tryed all from FreeBSD 4.5 to FreeBSD 5.1 but it will not
> work. Some say it has somthing with PnP, and that FreeBSD not supports
> PnP-Audio so well.
> Then I installed Slackware Linux, and I tryed out a package called Alsa
> (ran 'alsaconfig') and it found my Audiocard right away, but I prefer
> FreeBSD infront of Linux (almost hate Linux).. But here is my
> question:
> Do FreBSD have Alsa with alsaconfig or do devolopers at fbsd have plans to
> do somekind of alsa-project??

What is the model/make of your sound card?

In FreeBSD, for a PnP soundcard, all you have to do is compile a new kernel
with the following option:

# For PnP/PCI sound cards
device          pcm

After that if your soundcard is not detected, then you should try looking for
other options to use in /sys/i386/conf/LINT


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