Are threads Being filtered and/ or deleted from the archives?

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Fri Nov 7 06:14:09 PST 2003

"nw1" <network101 at> writes:

> Sorry to have to post this to the community at large, but the list maintainer hasn't
> gotten back to me on other issues.  With respect to the initial thread = Subject:
> Re: Overheating attributed to Freebsd --sysctlvariablesnotavailable--
> Any Idea why I'm not able to find this full thread in the archives?  I need an AMD
> representative to view this thread and it doesn't seem to be available from beginning to
> end.  I can only find the last RE: from this week.  I hope they aren't filtering out
> threads that have a valid topic/concern.

My own mail reader has had trouble threading your messages, so I
suspect that your own software is doing weird things with header
information.  The archive software isn't especially smart, so it may
not be good at connecting all the dots.  Also bear in mind that some
messages may have been sent directly to you, and not to the list in
the first place.

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