Routing With Two ISPs?

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Fri Nov 7 06:02:08 PST 2003

"Drew Tomlinson" <drew at> writes:

> I have a 4.8 box serving as a gateway with two connections to the
> Internet.  Is there some way to set the box up so that packets are
> routed out through the same interface from which they arrived?  For
> example, if a connection is initiated on port 80 from a packet arriving
> on one interface, is there a way to make the outgoing packets from my
> web server use that same interface as a gateway instead of the default
> interface?

Strictly speaking, this wouldn't be IP.  There are a number of ways to
hack something like this, but bear in mind that they all really are
hacks.  The "non-hack" way to do it would be to run real routing
protocols, but that requires cooperation from the ISPs...

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