racoon configuration syntax errors

Doug Poland doug at polands.org
Thu Nov 6 11:17:16 PST 2003


I'm trying to set up an IPSEC VPN tunnel between two FreeBSD servers using Dru Lavigne's
excellent series of articles as a guide.


Unfortunately, I'm having a problem getting racoon to run because of an alleged syntax
error in my racoon.conf.  I've tried many variations, googled the lists, and looked at
numerous on-line HOW-TO's but to no avail.

The error message I'm getting from racoon is this:

2003-11-06 13:13:14: ERROR: cftoken.l:494:yyerror(): racoon.conf:99: "A.A.A.A" syntax error
2003-11-06 13:13:14: ERROR: cfparse.y:1397:cfparse(): fatal parse failure (1 errors)
racoon: failed to parse configuration file.

Here's the area around line 99 of my racoon.conf:  (The line numbers are not actually in
the racoon.conf file)

    99 sainfo A.A.A.A
    100 {
    101         pfs_group 5;
    102         lifetime time 24 hour;
    103         encryption_algorithm blowfish ;
    104         authentication_algorithm hmac_sha1;
    105         compression_algorithm deflate ;
    106 }

Could someone shed some light on this please?  Many thanks in advance.


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