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Thu Nov 6 03:26:33 PST 2003

On Thu, Nov 06, 2003 at 12:42:59AM -0800, E. J. Cerejo wrote:
> I'm running FBSD4.9 release and I'd like to use
> linux_base 8 instead of 7 but when you install a port
> that requires the linux emulator it automatically
> installs linux_base 7 what do I need to do to change
> this to linux_base 8?

Generally all you need to do is delete the linux_base 7 stuff and
install linux_base 8 before you attempt to install anything that would
depend on the linux_base port.

Ports don't fulfil their dependencies by checking that a particular
other port has been installed. Rather they check for the presence of a
particular file (often a shared library).  Only if that file isn't
found then they will attempt to install a port that provides what is
required.  However, in many cases there are several ports that could
fulfil the dependency, and if one of those is already installed things
should just work with that.

If you're a portupgrade(1) user, you should run pkgdb(1) to fix up the
dependencies recorded for the installed packages.  That's just
bookkeeping, and doesn't affect the day to day operation of the
system, although it does make it simpler to upgrade ports later on.
Also look at the ALT_PKGDEP array in pkgtools.conf as a way of
automatically recording the modified dependency in newly installed



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