Recommendations for wireless networking and FreeBSD

David Lodeiro dlodeiro at
Wed Nov 5 23:32:27 PST 2003


	Ive been using a 54g card on 5.1 current for a while know quite successfully 
for a while know. The card I am using is a Dlink with an atheros chip, this 
chip is only supported in current at this stage.

If you are running 5.1-Current you can

# man ath

and it gives a list of card that use that driver

> I've just moved into an apartment in which drilling and running wires is
> taboo.  Has anyone delved successfully into the realms of wireless
> networking their FreeBSD groups?  My main server is running 4.8-STABLE, and
> I have a client machine running 5.1-RELEASE (which has been suspect to a
> lack of driver support for its onboard NIC in FBSD anyway), but I am not
> married to any of these releases and would up/downgrade if a solution was
> available. I'd also prefer a Wireless-G access point and adapter solution
> if possible, as opposed to the much slower B solutions available. Thanks
> ~John
If you wanted 802.1g you would more that likely have to upgrade to 5.1-Current

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Hope this helps

David Lodeiro

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