syslog-ng & syslog server help

Brent Bailey misterb at
Wed Nov 5 13:12:30 PST 2003

Ive setup syslogd to accept syslog UDP messages from our router on our
network.. I also had to write some scripts to parse out the messages to
seperate directories ..and so we are able to view them . To be honest i
dont like the way this has worked out so ive also tried to setup
syslog-ng ..and ther doesnt seem to be any good howtos on how to set this
animal up

does anyone have any suggestions for a nice syslog server ?? or a a howto
on syslog-ng ??

any help or thoughs or comments are very appreciated

Brent Bailey CCNA
Bmyster LLC
Computer Networking and Webhosting
Network Engineer, Webmaster, President

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