creating a small FreeBSD box

Rick Duvall rduvall at
Wed Nov 5 10:36:28 PST 2003

I use a little box built by Intel in my house for my DSL.  It's an ITX
formfactor chassis.  It has 1 ethernet on board and 1 PCI slot where you can
put a second NIC.  There are no drive bays, so you have to take the machine
apart to plug a temporary CD-Rom drive into the motherboard to install the
OS.  In my case, I already had a hard drive with FreeBSD loaded on it, so I
just transplanted the drive into the ITX chassis.

As far as hard drive, it's hard to find 300M drives anymore.  Your best bet
would be to go for the least expensive drive you can, even if it is a 20 gig
IDE.  Nothing says that you can't have a 20 gig drive and only use 300M of
space on it.  Sure, it's a waste of drive space, but who cares if you only
pay $40 for a drive that has a 5 year warranty.

You also might want to look at solid state filesystem.  I think this has
been discussed on the list from time to time.  Then you only have to worry
about cooling fans.


Rick Duvall
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> +++ Rob Evers [freebsd] [05-11-03 12:42 +0100]:
> | Hi all,
> |
> | I need to make a few FreeBSD boxes, these will all be limited in disk
> | space,
> | and act as firewall/router. (pentium and 300M disk)
> | What I want is a limited operating system that has only the essential
> | networking stuff, shell, and a custom kernel but for example no BIND and
> | CVS.
> | In the end all machines should have the same OS installed.
> |
> | What's a good way to handle this?
> | Making a custom release, an install script, tweaking make.conf and
> | install from
> | source or of course something else. (I don't need a ready solution, but
> | insight in how to acomplish this task in an efficient manner.)
> |
> | Thanks
> |
> | Rob Evers
> |
> |
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> man picobsd
> Regards,
> Shantanoo
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