Concluded: Tape Conversion

Frank Jahnke jahnke at
Wed Nov 5 09:52:17 PST 2003

Some time ago I posted a request to this list asking for assistance in
retrieving data that I had stored on a 15 year-old 9-track tape and
writing it to a CD.  I'm following up to inform you all this succeeded

A kind gentleman contacted me that he would be pleased to do the
conversion.  He was formerly a mainframe operator harkening back to the
tape-and-mainframe era, who happened to have a 9-track tape drive in his
rather extensive collection of old and very interesting computer
hardware.  I sent the tape half-way across the country, and after
letting it warm up, the reading and writing went without a hitch.  He
even untarred the files, and sent the tape and the CD back a day later.

I wish publicly to thank this gentleman for his outstanding work!!  I
leave his name out here only because he wishes not to leave it in a
public forum.  He would be pleased to talk with others, though, so if
you have a similar need, please contact me off the list.  I will forward
your request to him.

Once again, I am amazed at the high quality of support from the FreeBSD
community.  It really helps to make FreeBSD more useful and productive. 
I am also quite impressed with the archival quality of those old tapes. 
The tape was recorded 15 years ago in upstate New York, has traveled
around the country with me without particular care given to its
preservation, and was read by a different tape drive without any
issues.  That is outstanding performance!

Oh, and the code I was after has been retrieved, translated (to C from
Pascal), and is working great.

Frank Jahnke

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