How to run php4 as CGI pgm

Mike Maltese mike at
Wed Nov 5 08:20:44 PST 2003

> I install in the following order:
> apache+mod_ssl-1.3.28+2.8.15_1 (with suExec)
> mysql-client-4.0.16
> php4-cgi-4.3.4.r1
> and followed the steps in INSTALL. This did not make So I am
> sure of the step to follow. Do I need to build php in apache also?

www/php4-cgi doesn't make an Apache module, it makes a CGI binary installed
as /usr/local/bin/php. If you want the Apache module, you should use the
www/mod_php4 port. Otherwise, you will need to add the appropriate
directives to httpd.conf to use PHP in CGI fashion. Re-read INSTALLING and
take a look at the Apache documentation.

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