Is Java/Tomcat on FBSD practical?

Dirk-Willem van Gulik dirkx at
Wed Nov 5 02:37:39 PST 2003

> My biggest problem has been Java.  I've done the diablo 1.3 package and
> java seemed to work (java -v), but when I install Tomcat it won't start.
> I've done the same install on mac and windows with no problem.  The
> stack trace is completely alien to me and I can try to get it if it
> would help.

If the stacktrace looks like it is some VM issue - posting it here may
help - otherwise the tomcat folks may be a better bet.

One quick test - try running it as root and see if that changes anything -
some JDK version had that problem - which since is fixed if I recall

> I'm basically wondering if running Tomcat or any other java on this
> machine is realistic or not.

We are using it with no great issue (other than that java can be quite
memory hungry :-)


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