Is Java/Tomcat on FBSD practical?

Heath Volmer hvolmer at
Tue Nov 4 15:58:23 PST 2003

Hi. I'm new to FreeBSD, my previous -nix experience coming from OSX and
Debian/Suse linux.  I've been generally very happy with the performance
and relative ease of setup on my 4.8 system.
My biggest problem has been Java.  I've done the diablo 1.3 package and
java seemed to work (java -v), but when I install Tomcat it won't start.
I've done the same install on mac and windows with no problem.  The
stack trace is completely alien to me and I can try to get it if it
would help.
I'm basically wondering if running Tomcat or any other java on this
machine is realistic or not.
Thanks, Heath

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