FreeBsd , I REALLY need some help :-)

Nic Bergen NicBergen at
Tue Nov 4 04:47:24 PST 2003


I'm trying to install freebsd on an old i486 (75mhz) with 40mb ram
I have two harddrives 260 and 349mb.
I am booting with the kern and mfsroot floppies.
I can get everything right and working following the documentation on 
the site up to making the root,swap,...etc.
But when I finish this and the installation begins I get an error about 
no such device or media.
It appears that the program can't find my cd-rom drive.
It is a rather old 24x mitsumi cd-rom drive and it is set as slave to 
the primary harddrive.

I cannot find a solution on this site.
What should I do,where do I begin.

Have you got any other suggestion considering my pc.

By the way what kind of userinterface will I get with a minimum install??


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