which linux? (not flame bait, thank you)

Peter Ulrich Kruppa root at pukruppa.de
Tue Nov 4 04:23:35 PST 2003

On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, DavidB wrote:

> First I would like to say that FreeBSD rocks, and have been using it for
>   more than a few years.  I like the ports system, I like compiling from
> source so I can get the compile time features I want.  Portupgrade
> really helps with maintaining ports.
> My question is this, I would like to have a little exposure to linux and
> am wondering which distro to run, I used redhat back at the same time I
> started with FreeBSD3~ , not sure if I should check them out.
> I had in my list of potentials, slackware, debian, and I was wondering
> what was thought of gentoo(I read that this was started by a former?
> freebsd developer)[I hope there is no bad blood there].
Another 2c:
Although its quite a time ago, as Konrad Heuer mentioned,
slackware looks much like FreeBSD.
My personal favourite would be debian, because it is very
"open-sourcish" like FreeBSD (ie. good documentation, good
availability via http and ftp).

I was very disappointed of SUSE, which is popular here in
Germany. Their distributions are quite expensive and
you will need to buy their books, if you want to build up
something more complex than a stand-alone workstation.



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