Static (incorrect) ARP entry

Rolf Mendelsohn rolf_mendelsohn at
Tue Nov 4 00:21:20 PST 2003

Hi Everybody,

I have a problem with a local ISP who use Alvarion WALKAir 1000 equipment, 
which does a sort of 50 / 50 routing / bridging.

The below is actually public addess space, just using 10 for clarity's sake:

Default Gateway:

The provider has given me the following information (changed to private IP 
space for security reasons):

Default Gateway:
My IP's: - 126
Subnet Block:

This works 100% on a windows machine but does not work at all on any unix 

When my Windows 2000 box is plugged in I get the following:

C:\>arp -a

Interface: on Interface 0x1000003
  Internet Address      Physical Address      Type            00-03-40-9c-0a-99     dynamic

C:\>netstat -nr

Route Table
Interface List
0x1 ........................... MS TCP Loopback interface
0x1000003 ...00 02 3f 7e 49 40 ...... Intel 8255x-based Integrated
Fast Ethernet

Active Routes:
Network Destination        Netmask          Gateway       Interface
       1      1  1    1  1       1  1
Default Gateway:
Persistent Routes:

How do I get a Unix machine to misbehave and accept a gateway which is not 
on it's connected subnet??? Is this happening because on Proxy ARP?

Any help would be most appreciated.

Rolf Mendelsohn
IT Consultant (CCNP)
Cyber Operations Angola:
Mobile: +244 (0)92 524 981

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