vlc installation in /usr/ports/multimedia take too long...

Rommel B. IKEDA r_ikeda at oisca.org
Mon Nov 3 23:24:29 PST 2003


I was jsut wondering...How LONG does it take for the 
"/usr/ports/multimedia/vlc" take to get it installed?

I made a "make install clean" on the afternoon November 1st and since it 
did not finished immediately I had to leave my PC on until Today, 
November 4th...The last time I installed OpenOffice from Ports, it did 
not took me 24 Hours to successfully compile it...but "vlc" has not 
stopped yet...Looking at the output, it seems that it is displaying the 
same outputs (although I could not verify it 100%, because it is 
displaying quite fast)...

Is it normal for a Port to be compiled for 3-4 days?  I was just wondering?
I would really appreciate if anyone can help me how to verify that my 
machine is indeed compiling the right way or it is just going in a loop...
What if I would kill it...what would happen?  Can I start 
again...compile from the Ports and encounter no problems?...Oh...by the 
way, I am a Newbie...I do not know how to properly Kill it...

Thank for any help in advance...

Rommel B. Ikeda

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