Overheating attributed to Freebsd --sysctl variables notavailable--

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Mon Nov 3 18:46:52 PST 2003

I almost agree with you, except for one (1) or two (2) other factor(s):
There is another case with the same motherboard, processors, and Ram running another OS
which never ever shuts down due to heat as the one I described at  This other machine has
many more IDE devices in it that is capable of generating more heat than the FreeBSD
machine that's currently over heating, and the other machine never overheats or exhibits
any instability.  Hence, if you have two (2) machines with the same basic hardware and
after swapping the hardware from one case to the other case --one by one, the only
difference left is the OS and/ or the OS's settings.

The last factor are those variables I mentioned (OS settings).  When I set those variables
in the past, the overheating subsided.  As far as your opinion about the box crashing or
overheating --its the cpu overheating because of instructions its receiving from the OS;
proven by and in comparison to his sister running the same basic hardware, sitting 18"
away from him.

All of my Intel machines running the same version of FreeBSD, which by the way was
installed from this build-box (Box-1) via NFS, doesn't have any heating or missing
variable issues.  I'm in no way suggesting this is solely a FreeBSD issue, but I have
controlled this situation in the past with the variables that are currently unavailable
for some unknown reason -- 

I'm all ears on this.  I still haven't gotten feedback on the missing variables that very
well should be available, but aren't.  :-)

Mr. Ulrich, I understand your position, however, do you understand mine?  :-)

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> On Mon, 2003-11-03 at 17:38, nw1 wrote:
> > The problem can be viewed @:
> >
> >
> > Basically, the machine is overheating (I believe) because the cpu's aren't cycling
> > Previously I was able to cycle the processors down with the following sysctl
> >
> > machdep.apm_suspend_delay:
> > machdep.apm_standby_delay:
> >
> > however, for some reason those variables currently, aren't any where to be found by
> > up_and_running system.  Please use the hyperlink above for details.
> >
> > Thanks for reading.  All feedback is welcome.
> Okay, this piqued my curiosity enough that I took a look at the message
> in the URL above.
> Conclusion: FreeBSD doesn't even enter into it. The ONLY good solution
> to this is to get better physical cooling of the CPUs (or the entire box
> if you have to). Otherwise, you're still going to run into problems
> whenever there's a full system load. Chances are, they're still running
> way too hot even if they're not crashing the system. This will only
> result in premature failure of the processors. Take it from the close
> friend of an overclocker. :) If the machine is crashing (you only say
> "overheating", which could mean either crashing or just getting
> dangerously hot), then I would even go so far as to say that there's a
> possibility that the stability of the processors is already decreasing,
> leading to the more recent crashes.
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