problem with build environment

Goodleaf, John M jgoodlea at
Mon Nov 3 08:24:50 PST 2003

I was tempted to send this to CURRENT, but this question seems more general.

I installed 5_1 Release from an ISO on a "fresh" machine. I installed cvsup
from packages and then cvsup'd the CURRENT code (tag=.). Curiously,
buildworld fails repeatedly in the same way, suggesting there's something
systematic wrong with my environment. Basically, the system won't build
because it finds missing header files in libstdc++. If I put the missing
file in manually, libstdc++ will build, but then something else just fails
in the same way later on (groff or texinfo). I've cvsup'd multiple times,
and removed /usr/obj and so forth. No go. There's something just wrong here.
I don't pretend to understand the nitty gritty of the buildworld process,
but I've used it a lot and not encountered this before.

Incidentally, I did remove src and cvsup the RELENG_5_1 branch to try a
clean rebuild. The build fails in the same spot, claiming an
unwind<something I don't recall right off>.h in libstdc++/libsupc++ can't be

Any suggestions?

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