M/B Bios Settings

Charles Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Mon Nov 3 08:21:28 PST 2003

On Nov 1, 2003, at 11:43 AM, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> knomadness <knomadness at yahoo.com> writes:
>> When setting up the video card configuration in
>> X-windows, how do you indicate or direct it to use the
>> AGP slot not a PCI slot?
> Usually, by inserting a video card into an AGP slot instead of a PCI
> slot.  If you have both installed, then the answer kind of depends on
> why you did that; the PC architecture doesn't deal well with such a
> configuration.

PC hardware deals fine with a video card in both the AGP slot and one 
or more PCI slots-- at least for the purposes of having several 
displays running at relatively high resolutions (eg, 1280x1024x32) 
doing normal desktop activities.  3D hardware acceleration isn't going 
to run very quickly on several PCI devices at once, true, or even one, 
if that was the concern, but 2D works fine.

This was on relatively generic hardware-- a buncha Dell machines 
between the 440 LX and BX chipsets [P2-300 through P3-700's], using 
mainly nVidia TNT2/early GeForce or ATI Radeon AGP cards and PCI-based 
Matrox Millenium's.  The admin who was setting these up ended up having 
around forteen monitors going between four machines.


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