VPN through NAT

John Morgan Salomon john at zog.net
Mon Nov 3 05:05:25 PST 2003

It's possible, but has to do with how VPN-1 is set up.

Read up on the difference between "tunnel" vs. "transport" mode--
I suggest having a look at the Phoneboy archives

VPN-1 has a NAT support option, I've had it work a charm with
ipfilter/ipnat, as well as with pf on OpenBSD.  Make sure you're
permitting AH/ESP (IP types 50 and 51, I believe) and the original
IKE connectino (UDP/500).

Caveat:  double-check the above, it's been a while since I've
needed it.



> Hi all,
>         At my firm we use checkpoint VPN-1 so our windows laptop users can
> access the network from remote locations Clients offices etc etc., I'd
> like
> my Freebsd laptop to be able to do the same but i'm not sure if its
> possible
> as most locations are NATed these days and the only doc on getting
> Checkpoint freebsd talking deals with a VPN between two external IPs and
> the
> nets behind them. Has anyone ever tried getting a similar setup as i need,
> to work ?
>     Thanks
> Vince
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