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Vlachos Ioannis gvlachos at
Mon Nov 3 04:21:43 PST 2003


My name is Giannis Vlachos and i live in greece.Iam using freebsd 5.1 and i have already install a double pci serial card (Netmos 9835cv) who is working fine.

I want to put another one or two pci serial cards from the same kind but when i do that the sytem dont come up and it is freezes at the beggining.

I want to make the pc that iam working on it a dialup server and i want to connect on it 8 modems (I know that there existing sollution with serial cards with 8 and 16 ports but the pcice of these cars is to high and i have already the Netmos 9835 serial cards).

Does anyone can help???

Thanks in advance 

Giannis Vlachos


Corfu Island

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