Evolution without gnome

andi payn andi_payn at speedymail.org
Mon Nov 3 01:14:54 PST 2003

Notice that everyone praising Evolution or Kmail used their mailer of
choice to compose the message in question, but:

Harald Schmalzbauer:
> User-Agent: KMail/1.5.4
> Well, even this incredible slow thunderbird was better than evolution IMHO.

Scratch one vote for Thunderbird (leaving 0).

Sebastian Smoller:
> X-Mailer: Ximian Evolution 1.4.3 
> so i have to install a lot of gnome stuff to be able to use evolution
> right ? thats bad :(

But not so bad that you haven't done it on your other systems, right?

And then there's Parv, suggestor of mutt, whose mail contains no
agent/mailer header. IIRC, mutt defaults to adding "X-Mail-Agent: mutt"
but I'm sure it can be configured to put anything else, or nothing at
all--and I doubt many modern mutt users leave the defaults alone. So
I'll assume he's using mutt.

To answer Parv's question, why not use mutt? Well, I can't speak for
anyone else, but for me, it's because, despite the advertising, mutt is
not nearly ELM-like enough--at least not after spending so many years
using ELM, much of that over 300 baud connections, so that any deviation
throws off my finger-memory. It'd be easier for me to switch to dvorak
than mutt. And the fact that more than half the keystrokes are only
documented in the manual, outside the software, doesn't help. I really
did try, because I realized that otherwise I'd have to go to a graphical
MUA or I'd be stuck with elm for life (which means no MIME, no security,
no online IMAP...). Eventually, I decided to go to a graphical MUA. And,
a few years later, Evolution 1.4 came out, and now I have one I can use

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