installing 4.9-R: READ command timeout

Peter Rosa prosa at
Sun Nov 2 23:55:12 PST 2003


you are the next person, who encounters this problem. I had similar problem
with 4.8 as well, and it seems to remain also in 4.9. I have resovled it
that I copied whole FreeBSD install CD1 to the free newly MSDOS formated
HDD, boot from install CD, then install from that HDD.
I know it is very hard way, and I started some discussion here (look for
subject "4.8 Install Failure" in the archive - there is few next questions,
but no solution). People wanted me to check my HDD/cables/jumpers/CD-burn
but it seems to be the installer problem. It seems to apear AFTER 4.6,
because I have succesfully instaled both 4.6 in the past onto the same

Dear FreeBSD team, could you please find that bug and repair it ? FreeBSD is
an excelent OS, so make such the installation too, please.


Peter Rosa

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Subject: installing 4.9-R: READ command timeout

> i'm trying to install 4.9-RELEASE from the bootable CDROMs.  i can't get
> very far because it hangs during the boot process with the following
> ad3: READ command timeout tag=0 serv=0 resetting
> ata1: resetting devices...
> and that's it.  total freeze.
> i've done a little googling and most of the suggestions i've found
> center around drive cabling/jumpering.  however, the system is totally
> functional under Windows XP (that's how i'm writing this message) so i'm
> pretty sure all the hardware is wired up properly.
> ideas?
> hardware: asus a7n8x motherboard, athlon xp 2200+, onboard IDE
> primary master: western digital wd1200JB
> primary slave: yamaha crw-f1e cd-rw
> secondary master: western digital wd1200JB
> secondary slave: ibm dtla-307045
> -jsd-
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