pci registers for nforce2

Matthew N. Dodd mdodd at FreeBSD.ORG
Sun Nov 2 21:12:21 PST 2003

On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, jason wrote:
> #define    AGP_NVIDIA_3_APBASE        0x50
> #define    AGP_NVIDIA_3_APLIMIT        0x54
> These are only listed in agpreg.h and agp_nvidia.c, where as all other
> register information(as far as I can tell) is also listed in pcireg.h.
> Is it necessary to have it listed in both places or is it fine as is?
> If it is a custom register for the nforce2, I guess it would be ok but I
> don't know.

These definitions are fine; if they weren't defined the driver wouldn't

I wish I could provide more help in getting this driver to work but I've
gone as far as I can without having physical access to the hardware.

Good luck.

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