Community feedback for my English course.

William Michael Grim wgrim at
Sun Nov 2 19:47:41 PST 2003

Hey there!

I'm a senior at my university, SIUE, and I'm finishing up some general
education requirements.  One of these requirements happens to be an
English course, and for this course we have an assignment that requires us
to interview someone from a community service non-profit organization for
feedback.  Now that that is out of the way, I was curious if one kind
individual in the group could help answer some questions for me so that I
might be able to write a possible grant proposal for the FreeBSD

I will pose the questions below, and if anyone would be kind enough to
answer back, I would really appreciate it.  I don't know if any kind of
money will really come out of this, but I still have to do this for the
English course.  I want to interview the FreeBSD organization because of
their great operating system; I've been an avid user since FreeBSD 4.0.  I
will do my best to turn this into a good grant proposal, but I can't make
any promises that money will actually come of it.

Just for your information, I have included the URL to the web site that
has the English assignemnt on it:

Thanks in advance; the questions are posed below:

What do you do for the community?
What services are offered in your organization?
With what organization is your group affiliated?
Web site of that organization?
How and when was your group founded?
Do you have a mission statement?
What group do you focus on?
What plans do you have for your group?
What are do you need to improve on?
If you received funding for your group, what would you use it for?
What does your current funding go to?
What are your goals for the project?
What specific needs would be fulfilled by funding?
What would the long-term benefits of this project be?
How much money would you need for this project?
Do you know of any funding sources which might be appropriate?
What expertise is available in your group to complete this project?
Would special training be needed?
Who would be a contact person in the group to discuss this project with?
Other people who might be able to provide information?
Do you know of other groups which have done similar projects?
If so, how would your project be different?
Do you have data you could share related to this project?

William Michael Grim
Student, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
Unix Network Administrator, SIUE, Computer Science dept.
Phone: (217) 341-6552
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