Divert port 80 to internal server

Chip chip at wiegand.org
Sun Nov 2 19:30:17 PST 2003

Chris Hill wrote:
> Any idea of a useable ipfw rule that will work for this application?

Best let natd.conf handle the redirect, like this (I have an old fbsd4.0 
box) -

use_sockets yes
port 8668
alias_address outside.nic.address
redirect_port tcp 80 is the inside web server ip address. Change it to whatever 
yours is. Alias is the nic facing the internet on the firewall box. 
Change it accordingly.
Your rc.firewall (whatever you called the rules file) should have the 
lines in it to read the natd.conf file before loading the firewall rules.
Hope that helps,

> Thanks in advance.
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