Evolution without gnome

sebastian ssmoller sebastian.ssmoller at gmx.net
Sun Nov 2 12:21:32 PST 2003

On Sun, 2003-11-02 at 20:06, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> On Sun, 2003-11-02 at 15:06, sebastian ssmoller wrote:
> > hi,
> > so i have to install a lot of gnome stuff to be able to use evolution
> > right ? thats bad :(  ... i wonder if all these dependencies are really
> > necessary ...
> Everything Evo ropes in (except for gnomepilot2) is a required
> dependency (basically libgnomeui and all of its dependencies, gtkhtml3,
> gal2, and libsoup).

so to be more precise:

$ cd /usr/ports/mail/evolution
$ make pretty-print-build-depends-list

This port requires package(s) "ORBit2-2.8.2 XFree86-fontEncodings-4.3.0
XFree86-fontScalable-4.3.0 XFree86-libraries-4.3.0_6 Xft-2.1.2 atk-1.4.1
bison-1.75_1 docbook-sk-4.1.2 docbook-xml-4.2_1 docbook-xsl-1.62.3
esound-0.2.32_1 expat-1.95.6_1 fontconfig-2.2.90_3 freetype2-2.1.5_1
gail-1.4.1 gal2-1.99.10 gconf2- gettext-0.12.1 glib-2.2.3
gmake-3.80_1 gnome-icon-theme-1.0.9 gnomedesktop-
gnomehier-1.0_10 gnomemimedata-2.4.0 gnomepanel-2.4.1 gnomepilot2-2.0.10
gnomevfs2-2.4.1_1 gtk-2.2.4_1 gtkhtml3-3.0.9 imake-4.3.0_1
intltool-0.27.2 jpeg-6b_1 libIDL-0.8.2 libart_lgpl2-2.3.16
libaudiofile-0.2.4 libbonobo-2.4.1 libbonoboui-2.4.0 libglade2-2.0.1_1
libgnome-2.4.0 libgnomecanvas-2.4.0 libgnomeprint-2.4.0
libgnomeprintui-2.4.0 libgnomeui- libiconv-1.9.1_3
libsoup-1.99.26 libwnck- libxml2-2.5.11 libxslt-1.0.33 linc-1.0.3
m4-1.4_1 pango-1.2.5 perl-5.6.1_14 pilot-link-0.11.7_2 pkgconfig-0.15.0
png-1.2.5_2 popt-1.6.4_1 py23-expat-2.3.2_2 python-2.3.2
scrollkeeper-0.3.12_2,1 sdocbook-xml-
startup-notification-0.5_1 tcl-8.3.5_2 tiff-3.6.0 tk-8.3.5_2
xmlcatmgr-1.1" to build.

so do i really have to install e.g.:

and i guess the deps of these ports too ...



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