font in xfterm4

Michael A. Smith msmith at
Sun Nov 2 08:41:18 PST 2003

 > i have xfce4 and xfterm4 on my freebsd 4.9-RC
 > how do i replace font and size for xfterm4?

I edited the command for xfterm (right-click on the button on the launch 
bar) to "xfterm -sb -sl 2000 -fa bitstream_vera_sans_mono -fs 10" to get 
the options I like (-sb for scrollbar, -sl 2000 for a 2000-line scroll 

Note: the above command is on my XFCE3 system. I'm not at my XCFE4 
system, so I don't know if the main command is xfterm or xfterm4. Either 
way the parameters are the same.

Good luck! Enjoy XFCE4.

Michael A. Smith <msmith at>
Programmer at Large

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