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Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Sun Nov 2 07:10:38 PST 2003

"SWIT" <mark at> writes:

> I was wondering what happens or the consequences of this.
> I made a /temp on the install of FreeBSD 4.8
> I untar all the programs to that point I want to install. LIke apache,
> mysql. php or postnuke etc.
> Then go to /temp/whaterver and do the ./configures/makes etc.

The FreeBSD ports system is a far better way of doing this.
You can always do it on your own, as you have, but cleaning up
afterwards (and reinstalling if you want to update to a new version)
are your own problem, and the FreeBSD tools to make these processes
easy will not be available.

> I had to remove all those directories for space. I never had removed them
> after doing the installs. There were like 30-40 of them.
> I was then wondering about what if I fubar my apache or php or mysql and
> need to reinstall. ?
> Am I okay in that I can untar and redo the install process ? Or do they need
> the original compile I did ?
> And what happens if I want to add some options to the compile/make process
> after I have removed the directories from the original install or need to
> recompile with a new configure option ?

You can always just build it over, with any options you want.  If you
want to remove it, however, you will be on your own to figure out what
got installed and delete it.  If you want to upgrade, there will be a
similar issue because files left behind by the old install of the
program could confuse the new install.

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