CUPS on 5.1-Release, No Parallel port ??

Jim Durham durham at
Sat Nov 1 17:38:27 PST 2003

I was just trying to install a parallel printer on my 5.1-RELEASE 
system to use with CUPS.

The Printer is an HP-5L plugged into the parallel port.

lpinfo -v show no parallel port device. ppc0 *does* show up in dmesg 
and there is /dev/lpt0 in the devfs. Also, there is no parallel port 
choice in the cups config screen.

On my 4.9-RELEASE server, with an HP-6L plugged into the parallel 
port, lpinfo -v shows "direct parallel /dev/lpt0" . Cups works 

I also looked on my laptop, running 5.1-RELEASE and the same thing is 
true, lpinfo -v shows no parallel port.

Looking in dmesg on the 4.9 system, the printer is identified by name 
but not on the 5.1 system.

Another curiosity....I have /etc/devfs.conf set up to do rules for 
/dev/acd0 and /dev/pass0 to chmod them to 666. I also set this up for 
/dev/lpt0 and it does not work, the port remains 600. Maybe this is a 

I Googled for this for quite some time and, although I saw others with 
the same problem, there were no answers and I can't find a bug 

Any ideas?



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