wake-on-lan support? (WOL)

Alexander Mayer mayerale at weihenstephan.org
Sat Nov 1 15:23:48 PST 2003


Alexander Kühn wrote:

> powered down. You need to enable it in the PC bios and for some NICs
> also in the NIC's BIOS as well (e.g. RTL 8139) using a NIC specific 
> tool

But most drivers in Linux disable WOL per default (on the NIC). It's a 
common problem: WOL works if I boot into Windows then shutdown. When I 
shutdown from Linux the PC doesn't wake up. Only a few drivers in Linux 
2.4.x (vanilla) provide a kernel option like "enable_wol=1", usually 
you need a kernel patch (if you can find one).

Are there similar problems on FreeBSD?


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