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andi payn andi_payn at
Sat Nov 1 13:52:25 PST 2003

On Sat, 2003-11-01 at 06:16, SWIT wrote:
> Is there a way to make the directories to show in color when doing a ls ?
> thanks
> mark

Did you try a "man ls"? It should give you two options: use the -G
parameter, or set the CLICOLOR environment variable. If you don't know
how to do this (or how to make it permanent--as a hint, try adding
"export CLICOLOR=" in ~/.bashrc, if bash is your usual shell), come back
and ask for details.

If this doesn't work for you--or if it works on the text console but not
in X, or if it only works in some X terminal emulators but not in
others--make sure you've read the ls manpage's section on CLICOLOR and
dealt with the termcap issue.

If you don't like the colors, read the LSCOLORS section of the manpage.

You can also install the GNU fileutils port/package
(/usr/ports/sysutils/fileutils), and "gls --color=auto" should colorize
things in that vibrant Stallman style that linux people are used to.
Then you can alias ls to "gls --color=auto" in your .bashrc, etc.

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