IPFW strange events

Chris bsdnewbie at coolarrow.com
Sat Nov 1 08:55:37 PST 2003


This is occurring on a 4.8-RELEASE server using IPFW2...

I have numerous rules that block bogus networks... one of which is:

ipfw add 0104 deny log ip from to any

And I know it's working because using "ipfw list" I get:

00104 deny log ip from to any

Whenever that rule is active, it's blocking packets - "ipfw show":

00104         21       1148 deny log ip from to any


Various services stop working... so I look at /var/log/security and see NUMEROUS entries such as this:

Nov  1 10:30:00 server /kernel: ipfw: 104 Deny TCP out via lo0

Now I don't see anything in the rule about the localhost address, yet that's what it's blocking. But a little bit ahead of that rule, I do have this one:

ipfw add 082 divert natd all from any to any via fxp0

Would it help to put all the bogus network deny rules ahead of the divert rule?


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