Doh ! Installed FBSD5.0 and no more dual boot

lukek lukek at
Sat May 31 20:47:18 PDT 2003

thanks for that hint. I am in the process of doing precisely that. I figure
I can cp all the files to the samba share and then swipe and reload and
should be able to get all the important stuff back. It is just a matter of
spending my time now to accomplish this.

Appreciated the help on this. Winblows did somehow get broken and even
trying to reinstall winblows did not work it actually came up with the same
problem so I am now just hoping that disk is not trashed.


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> On Sun, 1 Jun 2003, lukek wrote:
> > You are absolutely correct during the installation process I chose to
> > FreeBSD install it's own boot loader just as I had a number of times
> > with older versions but there must be a subtle difference between the
> > versions and the latest.
> >
> > The disk is showing that the NTFS partition is active ( I have used a
> > of tools to check on this ) but no cigar.
> >
> > Thanks for your assistance thus far. I will keep looking for something
> > fix this.
> >
> > LukeK
> Tell me something:   Does FreeBSD boot?
> It seems to me Win2k is somehow broken but, if FreeBSD can boot
> then you can read the NTFS slice, therefore you can make a backup
> of your data storesd in Win2k slice.
> mount -t ntfs /dev/ad0s1 /mnt
> will mount slice 1 of ATA disk 0 if it contains an NTFS file system.

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