1.0.2 and FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE

David Gerard fun at
Sat May 31 08:00:45 PDT 2003

OK. I know that after much fiddling with OOo 1.0.1 and FreeBSD 4.6.2, it
came out that OOo basically just, er, didn't work on FreeBSD at that time.

So. On the other box (FreeBSD 4.8), we've just installed OOo 1.0.2 from
ports. A few days' compilation from source. It, er, sort of works. It
starts up, but crashes when you try to save anything (dies with an internal

The README claims it works with FreeBSD 4.5 and up, but I'll believe that
when I see it doing so.

What are others' experiences so far? Is there some undocumented hoop one
must jump through to get it to behave itself?

- d.

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