Help..can I use DUMP? my drive is dying - VINUM ?

keith at keith at
Sat May 31 03:34:59 PDT 2003

But wrote VINUM - spriuk a bit I reckon!
Yeah look the name of "some util" escapes me but it copies blok by blok
off to an ftp server (German origin I think). I used fsck to check things
out but no errors are reported so I can't say why the "some util "
wouldn't restore the /usr/local slice.
My main hassle is very poor disk slice design/forethought space wise.
I have a huge home partition that is not used because this mail server
uses qmail/vpop toaster(thanks Matt S) /var heaps. Don't ant to patch
symlinks all over the shop, and I am a no nothing on how to resize (if it
is possible) and swap reports getswapspacefailed a lot under load.
I figure a dump, rebuild (with vinum mirror bootstapped) and restore might
help but the mote I think hte more I think ???
Thanks Keith

> On Saturday, 31 May 2003 at 13:39:49 +1000, keith at wrote:
>> I have a one and only drive dying on a server (OK - to use vinum is to
>> be smarter than I am). Anyways I have unsuccessfully tried to image
>> the drive using some util that is recommended (?) Can I dump the
>> slices to a remote machine, install 2 new drives follow the tute to
>> bootstrap vinum then restore the remote saved slices to the various
>> slice/partitions? In a bind(4) here! anyone clue me in please?
> That depends on what's wrong with your disk and why your first "some
> util" attempt failed.  Vinum isn't a disk recovery tool, nor is it
> particularly for that purpose, so there's no particular reason to
> assume it will work better than your "some util".  Of course, if you
> give some details, somebody may be able to help you.
> Greg
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