rotating motd

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Fri May 30 13:28:58 PDT 2003

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Subject: rotating motd

> A trivial question, but a question nonetheless!  My FreeBSD /etc/motd is a
static and rather boring file.  I recall that when I used to login to my
Slackware machine, it spruced things up a bit by offering some sort of
rotating motd, which would spit out a random quote or joke instead of the
same ol' static message.  Is there a way to simulate this in FreeBSD?
Unfortunately, 'man motd' does little more than state the obvious, and
describe a method by which to surpress the motd altogether.
> This, of course, occurs to me as I ssh into my home machine from work!
> Thanks,
> ~John

Slackware actually just throws Fortune into the login scripts. Fortune being
a nifty app that gives out random quotes.


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