how to stop resolv.conf from being updated

John DeStefano deesto at
Fri May 30 12:29:50 PDT 2003

> I am using DHCP on a cable modem and my
> providers nameserver really sucks
> but changing my resolv.conf repairs
> the lookups for a little while then it gets
> set back to them upon bootup.
> how do i make it stay the way i set it.

Maybe this info from "man dhclient.conf" will be helpful?
The do-forward-updates statement
        do-forward-updates [ flag ] ;
If you want to do DNS updates in the DHCP client script (see dhclient-
script(8))  rather  than  having the DHCP client do the update directly
(for example, if you want to use SIG(0) authentication,  which  is  not
supported  directly by the DHCP client, you can instruct the client not
to do the update using the do-forward-updates statement.   Flag  should
be  true if you want the DHCP client to do the update, and false if you
don't want the DHCP client to do the update.    By  default,  the  DHCP
client will do the DNS update.

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