secure pop server

Bryan Vyhmeister bsd at
Thu May 29 23:34:44 PDT 2003

On Thursday, May 29, 2003, at 11:23 PM, admin wrote:

> I am looking to set up a secure pop server on one of my FreeBSD 4.8 
> Stable
> boxes.  Can somebody send me in the right direction?  Recommend 
> software and
> provide links?

A POP3 server like cucipop works very nicely. It is found in 
/usr/ports/mail/cucipop. By secure I am assuming you mean SSL support. 
The best way to add SSL support to cucipop is using stunnel. It is 
found in /usr/ports/security/stunnel. Cucipop works great on a small 
scale but I use courier-imap (/usr/ports/mail/courier-imap) along with 
stunnel for my main server. (In case you are wondering, courier-imap 
includes a POP3 server as well as an IMAP server.) Courier-imap only 
supports maildir while cucipop only supports mbox. It really depends on 
what your requirements are. You did not give much information about 
what your goal is. Hope that helps.


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