Apache+mod_ssl update...

Peter Elsner peter at servplex.com
Thu May 29 10:07:18 PDT 2003

Thanks to Mark Foster and Raphaël Marmier, who have given me a lot of

Raphaël Marmier, told me that I should run: apachectl startssl
(instead of the apachectl start I normally run)

This didn't work, apachectl didn't understand the command startssl at all.

After looking in the /usr/local/sbin directory, I discovered that there was
an httpsdctl program in there along with the apachectl.

With the httpsdctl program, I can get httpsd started, and looking at
the /var/log/httpsd_error_log file, I didn't see any errors.

ps ax | grep 'http'    shows both httpd and httpsd running.

After issuing a restart just now, I decided to check the log file again.
Before, I was simply doing a cat /var/log/httpsd_error_log
and it didn't show me anything...  This time I pulled it up in vi,
and this is the output...

[Thu May 29 11:51:34 2003] [notice] SIGHUP received.  Attempting to restart
[Thu May 29 11:51:34 2003] /usr/local/sbin/gcache started
[Thu May 29 11:51:35 2003] [warn] Apache does not support line-end 
comments. Con
sider using quotes around argument: 
^C^V  +goP\x83c^T
^MU9md\x96\xe5^ZF\xcc\xf5\x99Ij\xde\xcc   bgO\xa6|\xe7\xb0\xb8"
[Thu May 29 11:51:35 2003] [warn] Apache does not support line-end 
comments. Con
sider using quotes around argument: "#C\xee^TM\xcf}v\x99G\x8f\x83"
[Thu May 29 11:51:35 2003] [notice] Apache/1.3.27 Ben-SSL/1.48 (Unix) 
  -- resuming normal operations
[Thu May 29 11:51:35 2003] [notice] Accept mutex: flock (Default: flock)

So although it starts, there's a warning message I've never seen before,
and a quick search on Google for that warn message, doesn't reveal much.

My regular (non-secure) web pages show up fine, but the secure sites
come back with Page Not Found error messages...

Any ideas from anyone?



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