FW: closed stream message when attempting portupgrade

Schroeder, Aaron Aaron.Schroeder at qg.com
Thu May 29 05:29:19 PDT 2003


I originally sent this to ports, but I think questions is the proper group.

This is probably a trivial fix on my end, but I have never run into this
before. When I am trying to do a portupgrade -ra, or a pkgdb -F, I get a
"closed stream" message and then the portupgrade kicks me back to the
command prompt. Here is my system info:

FreeBSD diabloii.qg.com 5.0-RELEASE FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE #1: Mon May 15
13:55:57 CDT 2023     root at diabloii.qg.com:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/DIABLOII

Here is the output of the portupgrade/pkgdb commands:

[root at diabloii root]# portupgrade -ra
closed stream
[root at diabloii root]# pkgdb -F
closed stream
[root at diabloii root]#

I have recently cvsup-ed (last couple days), but this has been a problem for
me for a few weeks now. If anyone has any insight on this issue, help would
be much appreciated.


AJ Schroeder

P.S.  Please cc me as I am not on the list.
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