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check out this page:

Before you install and configure FreeBSD on your system, there is an 
important subject that you should be aware of, especially if you have 
multiple hard drives.

In a PC running a BIOS-dependent operating system such as MS-DOS or 
Microsoft Windows, the BIOS is able to abstract the normal disk drive 
order, and the operating system goes along with the change. This allows the 
user to boot from a disk drive other than the so-called ``primary master''.

A user who is accustomed to taking advantage of these features may become 
surprised when the results with FreeBSD are not as expected. FreeBSD does 
not use the BIOS, and does not know the ``logical BIOS drive mapping''. 
This can lead to very perplexing situations, especially when drives are 
physically identical in geometry, and have also been made as data clones of 
one another.

When using FreeBSD, always restore the BIOS to natural drive numbering 
before installing FreeBSD, and then leave it that way. If you need to 
switch drives around, then do so, but do it the hard way, and open the case 
and move the jumpers and cables.

hope this helps,

At 05:26 PM 5/28/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>I have an old IBM PC320 Server with the following hardware (use to have
>Microsoft SBS 4.5 installed before I tried to install FreeBSD):
>128MB RAM
>2 (4.5GB) Quantum Viking WSE SCSI hard drives, one is SCSI ID#0 and the
>other SCSI ID#1
>SCSI ID#7 Adaptec AHA-2940 SCSI controller
>SCSI ID#2 HP 35470A Tape Drive
>Trident TGVA (1MB) video card
>2 (100Mhz) Pentium Processors
>Installed FreeBSD 4.8 (and also tried FreeBSD 4.2) with no hiccups using the
>outlined installation in the FreeBSD handbook with no other operating
>systems.  When I go to reboot, the Boot Manager comes up with two options:
>F1 FreeBSD and F5 Drive 1 (or F5 Drive 0, depending if I select F5).
>Neither work.  It will not boot past this point.  What am I doing wrong?  I
>know it probably has something to do with my SCSI ID's but I don't have a
>clue what arrangement or BIOS settings that need to be adjusted.  Has anyone
>installed on this type of server and if so, what settings are needed on the
>physical server.  Or is there a way to get around it in the installation
>process.  Thanks for all your help!  I'd really like to get FreeBSD going on
>this particular box.
>David Nicholas
>osuisn01 at
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