Spammers forged my address - help unbury me from bounces?

Stephen Hovey shovey at
Thu May 29 04:37:46 PDT 2003

Ive had this happen to me and couldnt figure out any good solution.

Its one of those reasons why they should have the death penalty for

On Wed, 28 May 2003, Kirk Strauser wrote:

> Some jackass(es) sent a bunch of spam with forged From: headers referring to
> non-existent accounts on one of my domains.  Consequently, I've been getting
> about 20,000 bounce messages per day to Erin at,
> Michelle at, etc.  What's a good way to handle these?  If I set up
> aliases to /dev/null, then I still have to receive an entire bounce message
> before silently discarding it (and even worse, have to watch the
> SpamAssassin milter process it before discarding it).  If I don't set up any
> aliases for those users, then I get bounce messages from my own mailserver
> telling me that it couldn't deliver the original bounce messages to the fake
> usernames.
> Help!
> What I really want is something like:
> if ($user == 'Erin' or $user == 'Michelle')
> {
>    send 550 to remote server
>    do nothing else at all
> }
> Is this possible?  Please save me from being pushed over the line, buying a
> paintball gun, and going hunting.
> -- 
> Kirk Strauser

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