samba shares over bridged freebsd wap

yussef yussef at
Thu May 29 01:07:40 PDT 2003

I recently got a freebsd wap working. my connection to the internet
seems fine, i can ping away all i want. i followed the steps in the
handbook, which include bridging the wi0 on the wap to the nic [rl1].
However, this doesnt seem to work with samba [and the wap happens to
store my files which i share over samba]. It seems because the wireless
device has no ip, samba doesnt see it. assuming this is the problem,
what are the options for having the wap work, but still being able to
access my samba shares? [as a side note: when i boot into windows on the
wireless client, i can access the wireless server just fine. so this
makes me think its doable, but perhaps a limitation in the current
samba? or simply poor configuration by the user?]
 perhaps setting up the wireless stuff on a different subnet, assigning
an ip, and then using static routes? this is rather new territory for
me, so my understanding is probably off.

thanks for any info.



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